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This all started from signing up for and completing the 2011 Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont. During the 48 hour race I encountered 3 mountains, 1 river 120 some odd logs to split, 5 gallon pales of water, 100lb back packs and way more mud and freezing water than any human should ever be exposed to.

Today I am preparing for the next big adventure. Come join me on this incredible journey!

Monday, January 31, 2011


Challenge #3: Go for a run for an hour, and then run the same route back in under 45 minutes.


This week's challenge was a lesson in motivation. One of the most difficult things for me is motivating myself to do and complete projects. After an amazing Saturday at Whistler with Conor Topley and Josh Wood I was blissfully wiped out! I slept in a little, made some good food for the week, and then saw that "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" was on TV... Do I HAVE to do a challenge today?!

Around mid-day I ran into Conor as I was slacking off (he lives across the hall) and he reminded me of my commitment by simply saying, "Haas, Don't NOT do a challenge today." I gave in to peer pressure and went for a jog.  Thanks Conor!

This challenge was logistically simple but physically taxing. A one hour jog from my front door had me doing loops in and around Stanley Park. Going out I felt pretty good. The late afternoon sun was melting into the horizon. English Bay was thick with dog walkers, hand-holding couples and families, young and old.  Everyone was out soaking in the rare vitamin D! I curled around the west side of Stanley Park, passed under the Lion's Gate Bridge and ventured into the trees. Those last 10 minutes were the worst! I just wanted to turn around but the minutes only seemed to slow down.

FINALLY, all 60 minutes had passed. I stretched out some tight muscles, looked at my watch - 45 minutes on the clock.  Ready? GO!

The sun set as I did my lap back around Beaver Lake and out to the seawall for my hasty return home. The wild river of Vancouverites had calmed to a trickle of folks enjoying a late night stroll, a local herb or a nuzzle with their partner on a quiet bench. I paid them little attention as my focus turned to deciphering which city lights belonged to the Burrard Bridge. I inched closer and closer - into the city, up Beach Street and eventually over the black body of water that my callused hands and I knew only too well from the days of rowing crew at UBC.

I crossed the finish line without a minute to spare! Home never looked so good! I gingerly made my way up the stairs to my apartment and into a hot shower. After mapping out my run on I found out I did a half marathon tonight! Just over 21km in 105 minutes! 

I know Conor won't always be around to kick me into gear, but now I know all it takes is that first step, and then I just can't stop!

Thank you Zoe Higgs for this challenge! Going to Boot Camp with you each week is a treat! Not sure how useful I'll be for tomorrow's class though...

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